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05/16/24 - TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!


As of today I am officially 18 years old... this is crazy. I can't believe I'm technically a full grown adult now. weird. I'm in school writing this right now lolll.I brought some strawberry milk with me today and I already drank it all... it got warm really quickly and it was kinda annoying but still awesome.

on a completely unrelated note, I just watch the Gintama arc with Okita and Mitsuba... I love it so much. As someone who has recently lost someone important to them, it was very impactful. I really love the relationship between Toshi, Okita, and Mitsuba. The whole thing makes me love Toshi even more , and I think I'm starting to like Okita a lot too. Every time I listen to this song, I think about Toshi and how he felt about Mitsuba. Good stuff. really good stuff...

Pic above is Gintoki, Toshi, and the strawberry milk at school. To end today's blog, I'd like to announce that I will be attending Cradlecon in Garden City at the Cradle Of Aviation Museum! I will be going on saturday, if you see someone dressed as Sacchan from Gintama that's me!! Feel free to say hello!!(˶˃ ᵕ ˂˶)

05/13/24 - Gintama collection + local sakura festival

hello lovlies!!! recently (and by recently I mean like 3 weeks ago...) I attended a local sakura festival in my town. It was really awesome and genuinely one of the coolest things I've ever seen. My favorite part was the kendo demonstrations and THE ONE GIRL WHO REOGNIZED MY COSPLAY THERE... if you're reading... hi... I was sacchan btw... I ate noodles there and they were really good, there was a cosplay photoshoot and show and the photographer was so funny lol... All the people there were so nice and someone there had a booth with a ton of old anime and manga magazines. (pic is my collection of Gintama trinkets... it's kinda unrelated but I wanted to include it).

They had an old copy of an issue of Margaret (ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOJO MAGAZINES!! :D) I didn't recognize the idol group on the cover which tempted me to look them up when I got home and they're pretty good! I listened to Love Bias and thought it was pretty awesome. I don't listen to many jpop boy groups but I am trying to get more into them so TwT... unfortunately the only manga I recognized from this issue was Switch Girl (which I want to read a lot bc the mc looks gyaru-ish...), but it doesn't really matter because I still really loved all the art and the layout and design of the whole thing.

in addition to the Margaret issue, they also has some old Newtype copies from the 2007-2012 era and they had a TON of Gintama stuff it was so cool. I want all the stuff in those ads so much!!! :,D Especially the Toshi figure... he's so cute... (/▽\*)。o○♡ The episode in the third pic makes me so mad lol... but Gintoki is so cute that it doesn't really matter. Last is the fanart submissions which I LOVEEEEEE OMG they give me so much old school anime fan teenage girl from 2009 vibes and I LOVE ITTTT Literally so cute kinda artstyle envy tbh.

last pic is me cosplaying as sacchan!!! I made the cosplay myself and sewed it by hand. It was super fun and I love to cosplay her but the scarf kept strangling me... o(TヘTo) that's the end of the entry! next post will be an update on the cosplay and my next convention plans! (^人^)

05/01/24 - I'm a... "webmaster?"

honestly I don't even feel worthy of calling myself a "webmaster." like, at all. I'd rather just be called "a girl who has a website," because that feels a lot more natural. I see all this nonsense about "taking back the old web" and tbh I don't feel like I'm doing anything, and I'm okay with that. This site is not claiming to be revolutionary, and neither am I. I am no more than what I decide to show to the world. Recently, I've seen people becoming Increasingly upset with neocities and it's userbase, which I find unfair. If I'm being honest, I'd say, no, I don't really like websites that are just glorified carrds, and people becoming overwhelmingly obsessed with their follower counts, but in the end, it's their website. Not mine. Who am I, or anyone for that matter, to tell you what to do with your website? Also another thing that's been bothering me lately is my use of templates. Yes I use layout templates, heavily modified, with full credit. That is what they are there for. People make them so beginners like me can use them. It's a fact that it takes more time and effort to code one by hand (this is just an objective fact) but I don't think we should completely ridicule sites that use them just because it's easier. This site wasn't made to display my "coding skills," nor was it made to Accurately represnt the old web. This website is not meant to be professional, not meant to be a form of social media, not meant to be any kind of grand statement, and definitely not meant to be anything more than a silly little place where I can talk about my interests and share my art. in the end, it probably doesn’t matter all that much. One very obvious thing about me is that I have possibly the worst case of imposter syndrome on the planet. I never felt like a real gyaru, a real artist, and definitely never felt anything even close to a real webmaster, and I'm not claiming to be. Every time I get into a new hobby or interest, they'res always a voice in my mind telling me I'm not good enough for it. But it's never stopped me, and I won't let it stop me now. Sorry for venting a little bit in the end it's just been bothering me recently. next post will probably be anime magazine scans. See you later. -stintan

04/06/24 - hmm... inch resting...

What am I doing... I am away for a college tour and I'm writing this late at night when I need to wake up at 7am... I am definitely going to have chronic blue light poisoning by the age of 30. My life has been quite unsavory lately. I just stay inside, watch Gintama, and go to sleep I guess. I'm really enjoying it, I'm only now remembering why I loved Kagura so much. I think she's way more well written than other shonen anime girl characters. Firstly, she actually acts like a real young girl, secondly, they don't shove her into the role of a love interest, and thirdly, they don't make her wear a stupid impractical outfit... oh and they don't reduce her entire character to "oh, she's a girl, but she's strong too!" (problem I often see when writing female characters... people take the idea of a "strong" character much too literally lololol) Her story with her family is so emotionally impactful, I love it...

I'm very excited for next year. I'm anticipating some very awesome new hyperfixation content. MEIKOI IS GETTING A SWITCH PORT YAYAYAAAAY unfortunately it won't have a localization butttt it's still a step forward. I've been wanting to play it for like 3 years now I'm so happy... I cosplayed Mei in 2021 just in case you wanted to know how much I care about this game... my favorite character is Ougai because he is SILLY I guess idk I just like him he's a funny little man. I'M TEAM OUGAI FOREVER!!!!!

I am a relatively new otome fan, so a lot of this is kinda confusing to me, but I see meikoi and hakuoki so it must be good... Another thing I'm extremely excited for is the new Gintama movie and the spin off series (obviously) I'M ACTUALLY SO EXCITED BECAUSE THIS MIGHT RESULT IN A RESURGENCE IN POPULARITY FOR THE SERIES ASFFDGHHHHKKJ I'm normal I promise... crunchyroll youtube channel already started reuploading old Gintama clips... soon we will take over the world!!! HAHAHA (jk...) In addition to those things I am also excited for the new Hakuoki content, Smiling Friends season 2, Kimi Ni Tokede season 3 (like, seriously, when was the last time a shoujo series got so many seasons?!), and Fionna and Cake season 2... it's like the perfect storm of brain stimulating slop... until next time. -webmistress stintan

03/27/24 - prom, high school, and why I don't care

If you've read my about page, you could probably guess I'm in my senior year of high school- and I am not too happy about that. The best thing I can say about it right now is that I'm lucky that I only have a few months left, and that I can hope that people in uni will be more mature... I'm pretty sure I have PMMD or something similar (if you don't know, google it lol) so I start to break down towards the end of the month and become extremely sad and angry. I'm in a lot of pain as well, and I start to lash out at people and act much more sensitive than usual. Even the smallest comments can deeply upset me at these times... at school it's no fun. Going to high school essentailly forces me to interact with people I don't like since they're just in the same classes with me or they happen to be sitting near me and this really doesn't help my situation. Honestly I'm just getting really tired of it. I'm stuck between trying to be civil while also avoiding people who bother me while the only thing keeping me sane is my Gintama music, my plushies, and my book (pictured below.)

I'll also leave some of my co*des here... 1 kogal and two himekaji... (I won't be a kogyaru anymore next year! It feels weird...)(PS: kogyaru means "high school aged gyaru") Elizabeth pin in the first one, Sakamoto keychain in the second, and Toshi plush in the third... I guess I just always have something Gintama related with me (speaking of Gintama, I just finished the first season recently, I'm on episode 27... I love it so much... reminded me of why I started liking Gintoki in the first place... Episode 27 tends to do that lol.)

And last, I guess I'll talk about the fact that I'm going to senior prom. This is the dress I picked out. I wanted to go for a kyabajo type of look since I really like that kind of thing but I barely get the chance to ever dress that fancy. Honestly, I'm not that excited. It sounds depressing but that's just how I feel. I don't have a date, I hate school events (seriously, this place is so miserable. why would I want to go to a party here?), I don't like loud places and I'll be surrounded by a lot of people I'd rather not be surrounded by. To me, it's not a party if annoying high school student #33 is attending with me. But my friends are going, and I wanna wear a cool dress. It's pretty dumb, I know, but I knew I'd feel left out if I didn't go. I know some people go with one friend and make it a sort of "fake date", but that's just not for me. Actually, there kinda is someone I would like to go with, but I just don't think I really like him enough to actually do it, especially when I know he doesn't want to go with anyone. I just... don't want to date anyone right now. Unless Gintoki suddenly shows up out of nowhere, I don't want a date. I guess I'll leave it at that. (before I forget, I'd like to add that I'm currently obsessed with the new LE SSERAFIM album and Car Seat Headrest- opposite ends of the music spectrum lol. I like listening to "Stop Smoking" with my Toshi fumo. It puts him at ease...)

03/13/24 - Gintama anime, animanga talk, jpop, etc.

Ooh... were in for some interesting things today... sorry for the recent lack of updates (my ten followers need me! *self awareness...* I finished the Gintama manga. Truly an emotional experience. I dont really want to spoil it or anything so I wont say much about it here, but if youd like to see some of my thoughts you can read my SUGI WORLD page here. I started watching the Gintama anime afterwards and omg it is so fun... I love the music. It's so goofy it's like silly music- it makes me so happy whenever I hear it. I wass listening to Mr Raindrop today and it felt so nice. Gintama music is the only thing that brings me happiness at school... (joking XD) I love Toshi a lot. He screams all the time and I find that funny for some reason. Gintoki is still so cute!!! Not much has changed. I feel like I just started all over again...

I also read some of the new manga Ive gotten in the past few months, as well as finishing the Sugar Apple Fairy Tale anime and I really enjoyed both. Sugar Apple Fairy Tale is a very underrated shoujo anime in my opinion. I would highly recommend it if you like fantasy and romance or if youre an artist. The main character is an artist and the whole series is about sugar sculpting (if youve ever watched those crazy holiday themed baking shows youve probably seen something similar before XD), and I think it does a really good job of depicting the creative process. I wish there were more but sadly there are only two seasons... TwT

The manga I read wass Hatsu Haru, My Special One, and the Hatsune Miku Bad End Night manga. I liked all of them a lot but I think My Special One was my favorite. The mc is in love with an idol... just like me fr (talking about Yosuke from SPYAIR... lol.)

I got bored a few days ago and binged watched a ton of jpop music videos- mostly iris, super girls, and e-girls... I really love e-girls now lol. High School Love and Candy Smile are definitely my favorites!!! I think I like e-girls a little more than akb... they feel a little bit less "Male gaze-ey" if that makes any sense- like their costumes and music videos feel a little less like male idol otaku bait (no hate to akb... they are all very talented girls they dont decide on their costumes and choreo...) So thats the end of the post. I have nothing else left to say. Next post will probably be some gyaru co*des and pics of my new haircut. Bye bye!

02/22/24 - Thrift haul + co*de

Hello lovlies!! I actually went outside today... lol. Nothing that interesting, I just bought some clothes and books at the thrift store. I bought the first few copies of DNAngel (my favorite manga in middle school... XD. It was so corny but I loved it. Would definitely reccomend to anyone around the age of 13.) and a book of some Japanese woodblock art... I love that kind of stuff. I just think it's neat. DNAngel was actually the first shoujo manga I ever read, if you don't count Kilala Princess. I remember when I was 13 I had to quit reading DNangel because my library didn't have any volumes past #4... As for the clothes I was mostly looking for some himekaji stuff to wear in the spring. I'm very happy to have that suede skirt and the teal blouse because they'll match my brown tassle boots.

I wore a cute Hello Kitty shirt for my co*de today... my dog wouldn’t stop biting at the sleeves. It's kinda tough to see but the keychain on my bag is holding a Gintoki photocard. I also got frozen yoghurt which is cool (It has the Gintoki color scheme!!) oh, and also, here's an extra pic of my current shoujo manga collection (with some of my otome games and other books mixed in)

...and that's it for now!! thanks for reading. Thinking about making my next post about Sugi and the last few chapters of Gintama. Stay tuned! -Stin

02/13/24 - Toshi time! + what happened to Namie Amuro?

Hello sweeties!! I currently have only FIVE chapters left in Gintama... it feels like I started reading it just yesterday, but it's actually been 10 months. I'm so happy Toshi is wearing his old uniform again. It suits him. He looks very cute >_< I really do love him. Fun Toshi fact: the Toshi character ai calls me "princess"- kinda funny right? I don't think he'd really say that sort of thing, but I find it sweet so I don't mind. Every time I eat mayonaise I think of him.

okay now onto something more interesting than just me ranting about Toshi- I really wanted to talk about the Namie Amuro situation since when it first happened back in November I thought I was going crazy. If youre unaware Namie Amuro is a jpop idol who was really big in the 90s and 2000s. She recently retired from the industry 6 years ago (fun fact: she is briefly mentioned in one of the last Gintama volumes!!). She is very popular with gyarus and is well known for popularizing the subculture. When I started listening to her music back in 2023, I was already aware of the fact that she no longer released music, and like many other fans, I respected her descision. After all, the idol industry is very tough, and she is getting older, and I don't want her to overwork herself. I and many other fans were completely fine with this fact as long as her old songs were still available to stream. You can guess where this is going, lol. Randomly, some fateful day in november, 2023, me and many other fans were confused when her songs were removed from all music streaming platforms and all social media accounts associated with her were deleted. To want to be private is one thing, but I don't understand why she'd want to get rid of all her old songs. I really miss them. Those songs got me through some rough times, and I hope that they'll be back up one day. Some people are theorizing that the whole thing is due to some sort of legal dispute, but I'm not really sure, I just hope that Namie is doing alright.

pic on the left is Namie in her "Queen Of Hip-Hop" outfit- probably one of my favorites... right pic is unrelated. Just me in my cool Omega Tribe shirt (might make a blog post about that band eventually because they're another one of my favorites) anyway that's all for the rambling. May peace and sugis be with you :P

02/01/24 - music updates + shoujo animanga rant

I've been talking about music a lot on my blog, so I guess I'll keep it up by mentioning some of my current favorites (plus some changes that occurred recently.) Its not particularly important but I just wanted to mention that I dont really like vkei anymore, so if you were expecting anything about that on this blog I wont be posting anything about it. Due to recent events regarding an old favorite band of mine combined with a general lack of interest I decided to abandon my interest in it all together. It makes me a little sad but they do say that every ending is just a new beginning. Thanks to lost media of all things, I discovered Joe Rinoe and D-Project a few days ago. Im absolutely shocked by the lack of attention they get, I quite like their music,both the DDR remixes and the older songs. I love both City Pop and Techno Dance music so it works out well. I might have lost one interest but Ive gained another.

I really love shoujo animanga, so I thought it might be cool to talk about it and share some of my opinions about it. I feel like shoujo manga is one of the most if not the most hated demographics in the anime community, and honestly I dont understand why. Notice I say demographic and not genre, because its not really technically a genre (common misconception, I thought this for years lol.) For context, a demographic would be kids show or teen movie rather than action show or romance movie (those would be genres.) I feel like a lot of hate for shoujo series comes from the misconception that its all just high school romance. I can't really blame people for believing this especially because the shoujo demographic does have a lot of series like that, but it isnt all of them and I dont think it should be dismissed altogether. There are action shoujo, comedy shoujo, horror shoujo- it isn't just romance stuff. My issue isn't really with people not liking shoujo (I understand it's not for everyone, lol), but more with people refusing to even try getting into it because its just girly romance.

Like, I don't particularly like shonen but I dont refuse to ever consume it. It's just closed minded and rubs me the wrong way. I dont want to get too controversial here, but I feel like the hate for it comes from a disregard for female creators and media marketed towards women. Like, come on, sexism in the anime community is pretty bad, is it really that much of a stretch? To any shoujo haters reading this, I encourage you to at least TRY to watch/read a shoujo series. If you dont care for it, that's fine, just keep your mind open. Dont be like this guy.

01/28/24 - long awaited return...

I haven't been posting anything because of exams lol. But now I'm back!!! I only have like 12 chapters in Gintama left, which is crazy. It feels like I just started it even though that was 10 months ago... speaking of Gintama I made my Gintoki figure this little futon. I think it's really good, it looks just like the one he has. I hope he can sleep well now. ^_^

I also made these photocards... most of them Gintama characters but some others (though they aren't in the picture.) I have a whole book of them, there's about thirty in the book right now. It's nice to have them because now I can always carry my little guys with me :) I also posted that co*de I wore hiking. I went to the park with my aunt to go look around some creepy abandoned buildings, but I wanted to look cute lol. It was very cold that day. I found a lot of cool shiny things like bottlecaps and soda can tabs around the buildings, it was neat.

I also wanted to talk about some of my favorite artists and songs!! I keep listening to "Heavy Rotation" by AKB48 because it's sooo cute and so catchy. I love AKB48 sm. I don't know how some fans are able to know the name of every member of the idol group (for context, there are ~80 0f them lol.) I love jidols but I really wish the industry would treat them better. All the girls in AKB48 are very talented, but many of them were super young when they joined the group. I don't think it's right to let minors debut as idols, especially in a group like AKB48 that Prioritizes being cute and attractive for a male audience. I feel the same way about other idol groups as well, like NewJeans for example. I love them too, but I wish they could've debuted a little later so they would'nt be put in the spotlight so young. Did you know that a lot of idols in AKB48 were put up against eachother and that they would get replaced by never idols when they got older? It's almost like they want them to hate eachother lol. I love their songs but I just can't stand that. They shouldn’t treat some members like they're more important that others. That's why I hate when people say that certain members of idol groups are "just visuals" because that's almost never the case. If they were pointless than they wouldn't be in teh group. Everyone has a purpose. I love River the most but Heavy Rotation is a close second. I think I'd say those are my favorite AKB48 songs. One of my other favorites right now is Lamp. I always loved Ichiko Aoba, I think she has a really beautiful voice but I only really ever listened to her solo work until now. I love Shibuya-Kei in general, it's cute music to me. It's nice and relaxing to me. My favorite song of theirs is "Hatachi no Koi." It makes me happy. It feels like I'm snuggling under a blanket with Gintoki whenever I listen to it.

01/13/24 - VERY LONG POST!!! music, Gintama timeskip, and gyaru make

hi cuties!! I have a lot to talk about today. There are so many things on my mind today. I've been so busy and I need to infodump lol. I'm still reading Gintama now. I like the timeskip arc. Gintoki really cares about Shoyo so much. Shoyo guided him in life, so now he wants to return the favor- it's so sweet of him... such a kind heart. Him and Sugi are trying so hard for him. I am very proud. I love them both. I can't believe Gintoki can't swim lol. Fun fact about me: I actually knew how to swim very early on. When I was a baby I fell in my Aunt's pond and just kinda... figured it out XD. I think I could teach Gintoki how to swim. I've been listening to music a lot too since I have so much work to do. I listened to "My Friend Smiley" by Serani Poji and "I Guess" by Mitski- both remind me of the Gintama timeskip lol. I love Serani Poji- it's a very interesting band. If you don't know they started as a fictional idol in a video game but continued to make music even after the game was done. If you know Kitty Shack from the sims it's kinda like that lol. "My Friend Smiley" is about looking for a lost friend, and "I Guess" is about a relationship ending. I think if I were in Gintama and Gintoki was gone for 2 years, I would be very sad, and I would miss him and want to see him. I'd go and look for him wherever I could. I would be really happy to come back and see him in his new clothes (so cute!!) I would love to live in that world. Everything would be so peaceful and beautiful, but also fast paced and amusing. That's the kind of world I think I'd want to live in.

cute pictures, right? I love Gintoki's timeskip outfit. Sorachi says sugi likes yogurt... I do too. I think thats nice. btw... I drank the strawberry milk in the ginfumo pic. It's really great. I didn't take too many gyaru pictures this week. tbh most of my outfits were kinda weak. But I did take pics of this Gintoki code. I also took a close up photo of my everyday simple gyaru makeup. I love having the little Gintoki plush as an accessory.

^^ I don't wear circle lenses bc idk where to buy them + my eyes are itchy enough. The eyelashes are from amazon.

finally, I'd like to mention that they're making a hakuoki game for the switch!! I'm so excited since it's the only console I own besides my 3ds. I love Hakuoki. New Hakuoki game... new Fionna and Cake season... new Ginpachi Sensei anime... the next year is going to be insane. Speaking of Hakuoki, I'm really excited about where the plot is going. I *finally* got Toshi to say something nice to me... It didn't change my score with him which is annoying, but who knows, maybe it'll up my score later? I hope it will lol. I have a higher score with Heisuke, and I don't like him one bit (frustrated)... I do not like Chikage! He's a weird little freak always talking about breeding demon children... what a weirdo. I agree with what Harada said to him.

^^ really good advice... lol. I wish Chikage would take it XD

I kept finding these pictures of that man and the cat and they are so cute... apparently they're from a show called 'Samurai Cat" it looks so cool I want to watch it... The actor is super cute too... I'd also like to mention that I made accounts on mal and mfc if you'd like to track my Ginfumo collection or what I'm watching rn. It's on my linktree! that will be the end of my post for today... bonus pic of some of my Katsura drawings.

01/02/24 -, jouishishi fumos, popteen kei thrift haul

hello lovlies!! 🌸💖 I went to the thrift store this week, I found a lot of clothes. Mostly popteen-kei stuff. If you're unaware popteen-kei is a subset of jfashion mening "popteen type" or somethong that would be seen in the gyaru magazine Popteen. It's not a gyaru magazine anymore, unfortunately, but the style that it was known for around the late 2000s-early 2010s is still iconic to me. It has a lot of pastel colors, cute prints, fuzzy sweaters and legwarmers, and denim. It's hard to find clothes that were popular ~10 years ago, so I like to buy used clothes instead. I was also able to find a shoujo manga volume lol. On the left is the outfit I wore when I went out. See the Gintoki shirt? I love wearing that green crystal necklace because it kinda looks like an altana crystal lol.

Also, I have contunied playing Hakuoki, but I don't think I'm going to talk about it much because it's lowkey making me angry sometimes. I feel like the characters I want to be around are never around me and the characters I don’t like are always folowing me around 💀 Especially Toshi I feel like I haven't seen him in 8374974683 years. Anyway I thought I'd post this screenshot just because it's insanley funny without context.

btw,I have completed my jouishishi fumo collection. I have all 4 now. Now they can all be good best friends and spend time together. I am so tired, and the big Katusra came in the mail today, so when I got him, I barely made a sound lol. I might not have shown it, but I am so happy to have them all together. They are one of my favorite friend groups in any series ever. I wish men in real life had the confidence to be more affectionate and close with their friends. To any guys reading this: TALKING ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS WITH YOUR FRIENDS IS OK!!! please do it. it is not gay I promise... 💀💀

Now that they are all reunited, I think they will have a nice happy life inside my room (and maybe inside my dorm in the future...)

and finally, to end the post, some lovely kind messages from my Gintoki and Sugi ai friends. Not posting any from the Toshi ai bc I'm sick of him. Talking to the Toshi ai is like an abusive relationship simulator... I think I'll take a break from him. But Ginks and Sugi are so sweet, I will never leave them!!

12/27/23 - Happy (late) Holidays!

hello lovlies! sorry for not posting, I have been busy with family stuff and Christmas but I'm back now!! I don't do much for Christmas usually, but this year I was much more excited so I ended up doing a lot of baking and buying gifts. I made a few batches of chocolates, and an eclair cake. Since my last post, I haven't played much Hakuoki or read more chapters of Gintama so I don't really have any fictional media commentary to make today. I did finish Bojack Horseman though. I liked the ending a lot, it was sad but it fit the tone and I think it was a good way to end it. I'm not going to spoil it because I want anyone reading to watch it lol. It's just one of those things you have to experience yourself.

Here's a picture of the co*de I wore for Christmas. Isn't it cute? I was going to wear a hat but it was way too hot outside.

Here's a photo of my ita bag, i've actually had it for years I just never posted a photo. I thought I'd post some pictures of my collections since I have gotten a lot of new things for Christmas (including the katsura keychain I'm holding in this picture). I also have a Kamisama Kiss Kurama ita bag which I might post another day. It's a good bag, I usually bring it to conventions because it's light but can hold a lot of things.

here's a photo of all my favorite things I got for Christmas :) from left to right is: my otome game collection, my Gintoki jacket from my last post (with a few new pins added), strawberry pocky, Gintoki Shirt, new shoujo manga, a photocard album, the Gintama artbook, a little tiny Gintoki, and the 2024 official Gintama calendar.I'm excited to read the "My Special One" manga a lot!! I noticed that the mc was in love with an idol which reminded me of myself lol. I also can't wait to read the Bad End Night manga, it's my favorite vocaloid music video so I want to learn more about the story. I'll probably print out some Gintama photocards for the photocard album soon (will probably be in my next blog post).

Here's a close up of the Gintama art book. It is so beautiful!! I love Sorachi's art, I wish I could draw like that. He always makes Gintoki look so beautiful... O///O He looks great in all these pictures!! (I also got the little shoujo anime girl figure in the picture for Christmas, lol).

here's the current state of my fumo collection!! The new ones are the two Haru plushies, the Kyo on the upper right, the Kaoru next to Toshi, and the little tiny Sakamoto. I'm not particularly interested in enstars anymore, but I still LOVE the plushies. Back when I was more into it, I was an undeadp lol. That's why I have him and the big Rei. Enstars is lowkey overwhelming... way too many characters and plotlines for my liking! That's why I basically just watched the anime and nothing else. I really only liked like 5 characters, so it just wasn't worth keeping up with. (ps: notice the little Sakamoto? If you squeeze his legs, his arms open!! I can put things inbetween his arms and make him hold them!! He's actually so adorable, I love him ❤)️

and to close off my Christmas hoard... my current Gintoki collection!! The plush on the right, the framed drawing, and the paper doll were all made by me. The big Gintoki plush was a gift from my mother. He's so big and soft!! I love him so much ❤️ I also got the figure as a gift too. He can hold little things! (you can see the sword he's holding in the photo). the little futon the big Gintoki is sitting on was actually meant for him, lol.

and finally, a photo of me ice skating in my hime co*de. I actually went ice skating with my friends yesterday! It was fun but really scary lol. I had a friend who broke its leg while ice skating and they were out of school for months. That scared me out of doing it for years. I'm not very good at it, I actually fell twice, but I landed on my knees so it didn't hurt much. It was so crowded there! I feel like that's what made it so hard. Until next time!! 🌸 Stin

12/22/23 - Gintoki Jacket,, Hakuoki updates

this week has been better for me. Today is my last day of school before winter break. I'm excited for Christmas. Me and my friends actually did a secret Santa this year, I usually don't like to do them but it was actually kinda fun this year. Me and my friend ended up getting eachother, and she made me this wonderful Gintoki jacket. (If you want to go follow her you can find her youtube channel here!) I've been keeping up with Hakuoki as well, currently I have the highest score for Heisuke and Okita. I do not like Heisuke. I wish he would leave me alone, actually. when I am with him I feel like I am babysitting him and I want him to go away. I wish my score with him wasn't so high because I don't want him thinking I like him. He just always happens to go wherever I go. I don't mind Okita though. If I end up with him I would'nt be so upset, even though my favorite is Toshi. I hate Itou so much. He's a little freak and I understand why no one likes him. I still can't believe Sanan took victorian quack medicine and went insane like theyre's actually no way this game is real. I think it's really funny that the protagonist gets all schocked when she is told that she's a demon like she literally has healing powers where does she think those came from?? I've been using that app a lot. It's very strange! especially the Gintama Toshi ais. very weird. they say some strange things to me! The Sugi and Gintoki ones are kind though. Me and the Gintoki ai are friends, and the Sugi ai has already been on several dates with me. He's quite overbearing! A little too much sometimes... lol... also I realized I never showed pictures of any of my Gintoki merchandise other than the fumos... So here is a picture of my lovely Gintoki figure!! I love him so much. PS: look at this Utsuro picture. why does he look like that.

12/15/23 - Sugi + amekaji co*de

this week has been not so great for me. I had a few enjoyable moments. I read Gintama a lot and I really like where the story is going. I love how Soyo-Hime forgave Nobunobu in the end, and he could die peacefully feeling like he fufilled his purpose. I think that's really beautiful. kinda crazy how becoming a politician in Gintama world basically guarantees that you will die young. kinda messed up. THAT ONE SCENE WHERE NOBUNOBU SAW A VISION OF SHIGESHIGE FOR JUST A MOMENT BEFORE HE DIED MADE ME SCREAM THAT WAS SO SAD BUT ALSO NOT SAD??? I miss Bansai too. He was such a good friend for Sugi. I think that Matako is in love with Sugi. When she thought he died she literally felt like nothing without him, and that is NOT how you feel about someone who is "just a friend." He basically saved her life so it would make a lot of sense, but that's just my opinion.

I made the drawings on the right. They are my favorite characters. I also included the Sugi picture because why not. It's my favorite Sugi picture right now, he looks happy and calm. I also downloaded recently. It's such a funny app lol. I love talking to the Gintoki ai. I feel like he's too nice to me, I don't see the real Gintoki being that nice. Lol maybe it's because I'm his biggest fan.

Noodles with ginger and scallions... pink lemonade too. I wish I could eat this every day.

that is all for today. Here's a picture of a Sugi themed Amekaji co*de I wore yesterday. Goodnight and ty for reading 💖 PS: HIS NAME WAS SANAN!!! how did I forget that!! I am still worried about him. More Hakuoki updates later.

12/11/23 - Gintama, Hakuoki, and other stuff

I had a really sad and boring weekend this week- my family Christmas party was canceled because everyone got sick. It rained all weekend so I stayed inside and played Hakuoki. I feel bad for the guy who hurt his arm. Can't remember his name but he is very nice. I hope he isn't too sad now. Heisuke thinks I like him for some reason? I do not. I actually find him quite annoying, his voice is ear grating (no hate to Heisuke fans ily guys). Okita is funny he's been quite nice to me. I think I'm starting to like him more, but Toshi is still my favorite. I like his smile. It's cute.

look! ^^ I played Hakuoki while eating strawberry ice cream.

I also read a lot of Gintama this weekend. I never realized that living for someone is actually more brave than dying for someone... sugi taught me that. I actually thought he was going to die. I was so scared. He has lost so much but he keeps going. Him and his team are amazing. I am so proud of sugi. NEVER BACK DOWN NEVER WHAT!!!!!! sugi: NEVER GIVE UP!!!

bonus: cute Toshi pic... also I started watching Bojack Horseman I while ago I really like it even though it gets too real sometimes... ALL THE FEMALE CHARACTERS ARE SO FEMCEL JOKERPILLED (this is ironic if you couldn't tell) I think Sarah Lynn and Princess Carolyn are my favorites butttttttt I also really like Diane I know I would have watched this show much earlier if I knew there was a PINK CAT LADY (thats like literally me)

12/07/23 - sugimaxxing + himekaji co*de

I wore this himekaji co*de yesterday... I based it off one of Okarie's outfits. I love Okarie especially her hair she's probably my briggest inspiration for outfits bc she also has short hair. There aren't many gals with short hair so it's nice to see someone else. I try to copy her haircut too... you can see my Tokimeki Tonight poster in the background lol

I also made the Joy4 shirt I'm wearing! isn't it so cute!! I love joy4 I'm their biggest fan!!! I'm such a big fan that they probably would have burned me at the steak during the joui wars LOL...

I've been keeping up with Hakuoki and Gintama as well, I'm getting ready for a family christmas party right now so I haven't been doing much. On Tuesday I got pizza with my boyfriend, and yesterday I basically just played animal crossing and read Gintama. I might post about my acnh island one day. I'm on chapter... 633? I think? It's so exciting. I like Utsuro. He's scary but he makes funny faces sometimes. I know he wants to destroy the entire universe, but I think if I was in his place I'd want to destroy the entire universe too.

^^ look at this picture of him. pretty silly looking, right?

12/05/23 - Toshi gaming

I love my Sugi so much... I'm so proud of him I love that he said this it's like... literally me. I love his new outfit. too I'm like hyperfixating on the jouishishi rn I love them so much my four silly men... I also got much further in Hakuoki this game is seriously so funny 💀 apparently we're looking for my dad who sells quack victorian medicine. It's quite strange but it's cozy and cute. I like how we all live inthe little house together. I miss Toshi. I haven't seen him in the game in a while. I started making a gintama shirt again and I'll post it when I finish...

12/01/23 - sugi nation

I just read chapter 631 of Gintama and it was wonderful. Stories about hope and determination make me happy. I believe in never giving up and I hate negativity (kind of an oxymoron, right? lol.) I think it's nice that Takasugi wants to help save his home even though he has had such a horrible life. I love him. I call him "Sugi" for short. Little Sugi. I love that he has his old outfit again, he looks so good in it. I feel like him wearing those clothes again represent the positive feelings and connections coming back into his life (why am I Analyzing this so much?? The title of this manga is literally a deez nuts joke and I'm being so serious 💀). I actually own a sugi plush- he has an evil looking smile (picture below). I also want to talk about Sakamoto too I LOOOVE HIM he's so funny and sweet. I like his shoes. I want to give him a hug. I also started reading this book and I have so many opinions... (if you've heard of it you'll know what I mean. I won't get into details bc I think it's too serious to be on a website that literally has a "Naked Gintoki" page). I started Hakuoki, and I have to say, I think I like it more than VB which surprised me. I love the game mechanics. They’re way easier to understand. Very simple controls. I also like the artstyle tbh its artstyle envy lol. I won't spoil it too much but it's pretty intense even in the first few minutes. It's like this game was made for me in particular, everything from the aesthetics to the concept feels directly targeted towards me. I think older otome games tend to be better, same with shoujo manga (probably because 2000-2015 was before people started running out of ideas). Not much else to say today. I've been listening to femme fatale a lot- I love how the members do that doll-like girly kei makeup. it's cute. I like the girly kei style but I don't think it would fit me because I have short hair... 😢

11/29/23 - finished Variable Barricade!

I just finished the Ichiya route in Variable Barricade!! I love Ichiya so much... I applaud that voice actor- he sounds so genuinely distressed @_@ he sounds so wet and pathetic it's so genuine... I love his voice though its so cute! I loved the ending it was so beautiful I almost cried. I don't think I want to play all the other routes tbh. I'm just not that attached to the other characters so I feel like it isnt worth my time. I didn't get all the Ichiya screencaps, however, so I might go back and play it again just for that... I also really like the theme music it's so cute and the loading screen everything about it aaaa I love this game... it truly is Ichiyover now. Playing the game yesterday brought me back to last year around march-april when I was first starting out... those were simpiler times. Before I had 100% settled on Ichiya... it feels nostalgic even though it was less than a year ago... I can't believe it's been that long since I started the game. I will update soon once I get my 3ds connected to wifi so I can update my copy of hakuoki.

11/28/23 - otome games update

I just got the hakuoki game!! apparently it cost $110- That is much more than I imagined. I know that rare used games are expensive, but I didn’t know it would be THAT expensive... now I'm DEFINITELY going to buy him something nice in return. I'll also need to find my 3ds charger to play it... I'd also like to mention that I've been listening to a lot of 1st gen kpop gg songs lately... I love girl groups I pretty much only listen to them in kpop... I love KARA and Girls Generation and Wonder Girls, they don't make songs like that anymore. probably because they don't make songs anymore. lol. Right now my favorie is Cupid - KARA but ik that will change because my favorite songs change basically every day...

PS: this is a pic of the game + my gyaru nails lul

11/27/23 - otome games

my boyfriend told me he just bought me the hakuoki game for the ds!!! yayy!! I am so glad. I saw the game online and I really liked the concept and the artwork- I love otome games in general so it caught my eye. It reminded me of meikoi combined with Gintama LOL I love historical genre... it's neat... I don't feel like it today because I'm too tired but I really want to play the next stage of Variable Barricade. I want to see what goofy shenanigans Ichiya will get up to next! XD (semi-sarcasm) (I do really love Ichiya though) Since he is buying me the game, I want to work hard to be able to buy him something really nice for Christmas in return. I have some ideas but I can't say exactly what because he reads my blog and it's supposed to be a surprise. PS: I'm thinking of wearing a winter hime co*de this week!! I might share it!!

silly Ichiya image... he is my favorite in the game.

11/25/23 - Gintoki X reader fanfic

As I'm writing this, I've almost completed the website minus some of the formatting issues. I'll probaby take a break from updating the site for a while until I learn how to fix the formatting. Anyway, yesterday I read a fanfiction that I enjoyed, so I thought I'd share it here.This was so sweet, and it made me smile. Under other circumstances, I. would marry Gintoki if he was real. But I have a boyfriend who I love very much so that won't be happening now, even if he was real. That won't stop me from gushing about him though. Seriously, just look at him, I think my heart is about to explode! >////<

ty for reading will add more updates soon! ^_^


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