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My name is stin, and my mission is to spread love and joy wherever I go, and that includes the internet! Ive always loved the old web and neocities and I've never been too keen on sharing my work on typical social media, so I decided to create this site as an alternative.Feel free to look around and enjoy my lovely website!

why "Gyarutobii?"

I got the name "Gyarutobii" as a combination between "Gyaru" and "Sarutobi" (the character from Gintama). I am a Gyaru irl and I love the fashion, and I have used Sacchan as a sort of mascot or profile icon.

Stin is in love with
Gintoki Sakata from Gintama!

lovely fanlistings!

Gintama fanlisting

I'm not yet part of all of these, but I have applied, so if you don't see me on the listing, that is why.