Stin-tan is an American born Gyaru entertainer, artist, and medic-in-training. She is me and I am her (yes, this is me! So please refrain from doing anything weird with my character, ya creeps!) Stintan is an otaku yumejoshi type obsessed with samurai otome games. Stin and her family come to Edo for (questionable, somehwat suspicious) business reasons, and Stin moves into a small home by the riverside on the outskirts of Kabuki-cho. Stintan mostly likes to stay indoors, read shojo manga, and play otome games, but she also maintains several careers. Sintan works at an English Karyoke bar run by an American man (english Karyoke bars are common in more "touristy" parts of Japan. Did you know that they'res a Family Guy themed one in Osaka?), as well as selling her artwork (ink brush drawings) at a local market. Stintan also works as a volunteer nurse. While her skills are questionable, many people have put there trust in her. She will provide medical services for anyone... and I mean ANYONE. She has worked for both the Shinsengumi and the Joui, as she consideres herself unalligned with any particular side and she just wants to spread love and joy to as many people as she can. This is ironic as she tend to have trouble controlling her emotions which results in her having comically violent outbursts. It's not uncommonn for Stintan to threaten violence towards anyone who bothers her in the slightest. She tends to be overly emotional and protective of people she cares about, and has trouble determining her worth and ignoring what people think about her. Stin tends to base her value upon how many people are close to her, and how well she is able to maintain relationships (hmm... it's almost like this is just an exaggerated version of myself.../sarcasm). Stin's violent tendencies have gotten her involved with the law several times, even resulting in her being taken to a women's prison for a few days by Hijikata. Stintan's weapon of choice is a gun, because she is much more skilled in long range combat than close range. She has good eyesight and a slightly above average aim. She is not very strong, but is more of a healer than a fighter (despite her attitude). She is a Gyaru through and through, with an eccentric sense of style and an aggressive manner of speaking (in addition to her American accent, of course). Stintan is the founder of the "Intergalactic Gyarusa", a gyaru circle that is open to both human and amanto gals. She often ends her sentences with "-poni" (typical of gyaru.) She has a pet white cat that is currently unnamed. She likes to eat strawberry pocky and lo mein noodles. She is approximately around the age of 26 (about 8 years older than me irl), but I keep changing that so... XP Stintan has a positive outlook on life as well as a sort of "mahou shojo" complex. Stintan likes to drive around town in her pink motorbike, which is her only means of transportation. She admires samurai a lot because they remind her of the characters in her favorite games.


Gintoki: Stintan loves Gintoki very much. When she was in town buying ice cream, she was attacked by a group of robbers. She was without a means of defense and called for help. Gintoki came to save her, but he requested her to buy him an ice cream in return. She bought one for him and instantly fell in love with his cute fluffy hair and lazy, yet caring personality. Stintan meets Gintoki once again when they both reach for a manga magazine shelf in a convenience store (Stintan likes Margaret, while Gintoki like Jump... ehhh? ehhh? see what I did there XD- they often argue about which is better) She gets too nervous to speak to him and he ends up giving her his business card. She evebtually contacts him for a job, and she offers to pay him to go out with her. At first, Gintoki doesn't really care, but eventually he starts to feel bad for taking advantage of her. He gives her all the money back and agrees to do things with her not because he needs the money, but because he likes her. Gintoki sometimes gets annoyed by Stin, but he also finds her a little cute. Stin likes to make sweets for Gintoki and take care of him when he is sick.

Hijikata: Stin admires him a lot an affectionately refrers to him as "Toshirou-san" (A LOT... think like Yuno Gasai's freqent "Yuki!!"). Stin has a huge crush on him in addition to Gintoki, even going to the lengths of calling the police just to see him. He finds her occasional assistance useful but mostly finds her annoying, but still sweet. Her encounters with the law and her medic services have lead to them having a lot of interactions, and Hijikata has come to value her service over time.

Takasugi:Stin has only come into contact with Takasugi once, when she was abducted by him and the Kihetai and taken into space as an attempt tonlore Gintoki there. The plan was a failiure and he let her go pretty early on. While she was there, she ended up becoming close with him (or as close as you could get to someone like him...), but it didn't last as she was eventually let go. She thinks well of him.

Sacchan: Stin considers Sacchan to be her best friend. She's nowhere near as perverted as her but she's kinda weird so it works out. They formed a truce of sorts. Stin is the more levelheaded of the two. Sacchan also likes to help her train in combat, and they like to hang out around town together.

Katsura:Stin enjoy's Katsura's company and she often helps him and his organization. Her enthusiastic positive demeanor is a stark contrast to his. Stin wants to set him up with Ikematsu but she knows he wouldn't want her to, so she tries in secret. She learns about Gintoki and Takasugi's past from him.

Okita: She hates him, but is too scared to do anything about it. (disclaimer: I don't hate Okita in real life, I just think he's a little freak).

Sakamoto: Stintan sells her art through him. She secretly finds him really cute but she would never tell him. She thinks he is fun and entertaining to be with, and doesn't get annoyed around him as much as most people.

Tsukuyo: Helps her practice long range combat. Stintan sees her as an "older sister-type."

Matako: her and Stin kept in contact after they met, and Stin let Matako join her Intergalactic Gyarusa


I like self shipping, and I like self-insert characers. I know that they aren't very popular in fandom spaces, which makes me sad, because it's a form of self expression, and it makes people happy. If it isn't hurting anyone, why should we hate on people for it? After all, all characters are inspired by yourself to some extent. I'd also like to add that my itent with my character is not to change any of the canon or the canon relationships because, honestly, I like it the way it is. Stintan is not meant to ever develop a "canon" relationship with any character, and I would consider her more of a minor character. The best comparison I could think of would be someone like Tetsuko in terms of importance.